Photo by Misty Schillaci

With our first child due in January and not wanting to go into the labor and delivery process alone and uneducated, we chose to reach out to Misty. She was able to create a class schedule that fit around our busy lives and we particularly enjoyed the one on one attention. We left each class more knowledgeable than when we came and we feel prepared for when the big day finally arrives. Misty’s attention to detail and unbridled enthusiasm regarding anything to do with pregnancy was very refreshing and enlightening. The classes were organized around what we were most interested/concerned about, which gave us clear and engaging answers to our pressing questions. Being first time parents, we came into this process naive and a bit scared, but Misty gave us the tools and resources to be better educated about the beautiful process of birth and the wonderful things it can bring to our family.
— Kyle & Jenna S.
Thank you so much for everything you did for Caleph, Noura, and I. We are appreciative of all of your help. Without your expertise and support, our experience would not have been nearly as fulfilling.
— Caleph, Najah, and Noura
She is very helpful with a great attitude. Misty is resourceful and possesses knowledge beyond her years.
— Laurice D, Nurse Midwife MS
Misty provides great labor support, she provides helpful suggestions and maintained the scope of the doula practice. She is a very good advocate for the client.
— Dedra, RN BSN